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Maximizing Space Efficiency of a Refrigerator

You can place the containers in a refrigerator neatly and easily due to the diverse shapes and sizes of the containers.

Efficient Use of the Cabinet Space

You can save space and time by storing the containers in various sizes as necessary and identifying the contents easily.

Suitable for Freezer

The containers are made of materials suitable for freezer.

Suitable for Microwave Oven

The containers are made of materials suitable for microwave oven, dishwasher and so on.


– Please remove the lid during microwave, oven and dishwasher use.
– DO NOT heat up for a long time or preheat the container without any food.
– DO NOT place frozen dishes directly in a hot oven. It may damage the container.

Air Tight Reserved

No smell leakage when lid is tightly closed.

Practical and Versatile